Rick Bliss, CEO

As the CEO, and Owner of CSE Bliss Manufacturing LLC., thank you for visiting our website.

In 1980 along with my father Bill Bliss, and my brother Alan Bliss we founded Bliss Industries. Together we built and designed the Bliss Hammermill that is still being produced today. In July of 2007 we sold Bliss Industries and I continued to work for the new owners until May of 2016.

My son, Jason Bliss, worked alongside his grandfather, his uncle, and me his whole life. He worked both in the shop designing and building equipment and in the sales office determining the proper equipment selection for specific applications. Jason founded CSE Bliss Manufacturing LLC in 2016, and I joined him in May of 2017. Together with my 38 years of experience and Jason’s 20 years in the Hammermill industry, we have designed what we believe is the best Hammermill on the market. We can’t take all the credit, we had some input from my brother Alan Bliss as well.

CSE Bliss Manufacturing LLC is a new company, but one that has a lot of experience, industry knowledge, and history behind it. We may be small now, but we are growing fast. I have always believed that taking care of the customer is the number one priority, and is the key to being successful in this industry and in any business. I feel that being a family owned and operated business is a great way to stay connected with our customers. We are now, and will always be directly involved. My father’s favorite phrase and slogan was “Better Built by Bliss”, and CSE Bliss is the only place in the industry that you can get the true Bliss family experience. Bill Bliss is no longer with us, but our intention is to run our new business with the same spirit, passion, and personal touch.

The Hammermill we have designed is built to withstand anything the industry can throw at it, and the maintenance is simple. CSE can also help you with replacement parts for all brands of Hammermills currently out there. We also offer rotary feeders, and can rebuild your worn out rotary feeder to be better and stronger than new!

I greatly appreciate all the positive response Jason and I have received from the industry and we look forward to doing business with each one of you.


Rick L. Bliss
Owner/ CEO
CSE Bliss Manufacturing LLC.