Jason Bliss, President

Jason Bliss is the President of CSE Bliss Manufacturing LLC., which he founded in 2016 to design, and manufacture equipment for the modern-day hammermill industry.

Jason grew up in the hammermill industry working alongside his grandfather Bill Bliss, father Rick Bliss, and uncle Alan Bliss, which are the three original founders of Bliss Industries.

Jason believes in strong family values, so much so the CSE stands for his three kids Coltan, Shelby, and Emmalyn. He believes a family ran business allows you to have better relationships with customers, and allows CSE Bliss Manufacturing LLC. to produce the best quality product on the market.

Jason has extensive experience in the fabrication and design of equipment for the hammermill industry. He has worked from the bottom up. He started sweeping floors as soon as he was old enough to hold a broom, and as he grew his duties at Bliss Industries grew along with him.

Jason has worked as a welder, machinist, and in sales directly for the hammermill industry.